The conquest of go Ai and KataGo inquiry

Hello, I recently downloaded the conquest of go from steam. I’m trying to somehow get my game better with the limited amount of time I get to actually play.

I had two questions regarding conquest of go.

The AI and katago options

The offered opponent AI is GNU Go, Hybrid AI, and KataGo.

The offered opponent analysis is KataGo OpenCL, KataGo Eigen AVX2, and the KataGo Eigen

If anyone could tell me which combination I should be using I would greatly appreciate it.

thanx, AZ

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The first of these that works. OpenCl is the fastest, Eigen the slowest.


I would download katatrainer and play agains the AIs there. I find it to be pretty helpful.

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I will check that out. Thank you

Wow. That is pretty great. The download is a little confusing. Do I need to continually download a new trainer? I love this idea


The program wouldn’t download models or versions but no it is.

Maybe the website was down. I love this model

I think I may have an older version.