The "Create New Game" button is gone from my "Play" tab

The “Create New Game” button is gone from my “Play” tab. What’s up? Checked doco, and it seems like it should still be there…

I’m not sure, but isn’t this now the “Custom” button?

Yeah it is.

The difference now is that the other buttons don’t “create a challenge”, instead they “look for a game for you”.

Looking at it this way, the Custom button should be placed differently, away from the other ones that behave differently - @anoek ?

This is what functionally is happening, I think:

… there are 4 buttons that each do a “find a game” function for you, trying to match your “Settings” (in the cog) with other people.

And there’s one other different button that creates a challenge that other people can accept, or can be matched with someone else looking for a game.


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