"The" explanation of why your rank can go down after winning a game

I wish I was about to type a great explanation of why your rank can go down after you win one game.

But I don’t clearly understand it - I have an inkling, but not a firm grasp.

Can someone explain it in a straightforwards way?


can it still do that? After the most recent update the only way I can see that happening is if a game is in multiple ratings periods, causing losing streaks to take effect even after they’ve ended


Your starting point is trailing 15 games behind, so if that dipped significantly from the 16th game, your current win might not be enough to retrend up enough to make it a positive gain.


Let’s say
games -30 to -17 opponent 10k (all wins, all opponents same rank for simplicity)
game -16 opponent 1D win
games -15 to -2 opponent 10k (same)
game -1 opponent 5k win

you got a win but lower than the previously included in the bracket?
Did I get this correctly?


Do I get this right:

  • Your new rank is calculated from your rank 15 games ago, plus the effect of the most recent 15 games.
  • If that game, 15 games ago, was a loss where your rank went down from before, then your starting point for the calculation is now lower than it was last time your rank was calculated.

Yep exactly so


another point i thought i got is the ranking of unranked players…

you play agst an unranked player … his ranking moves in one or the other direction, that also affects my rating


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The points for a game are based on your probability to win the game and your deviation. Both still change with each game due to changes of your own rating and deviation.

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Is a new value of the opponent’s rank in each of the 15 games in the window used each time the calculation is run?

Is it the “current” value of the opponent’s rank, or the value of their rank at the time of the game?


It should be their rank at the time the game ended.

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To be fair, i think it is very frustating to have a decreasing rank ing when we win a game! It doesn’t motivate to continue to play on OGS anymore. For me, it is the worst rating system ever. There is no feeling of progress. But it is just my opinion.

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No worry, this problem should be fixed next week (or at least, that’s what has been hinted at) :slight_smile:


I really like to play on OGS. I’m curious to see what it will be done. Thanks :slight_smile:

To be fair to that system it helped me to hide it so I use it only for getting interesting games and not to know where I am.