The fifth Densei-sen

Date: Sunday, March 26, 2017

  1. Ryo Ichiriki 7p vs DeepZenGo (10:30-12:00)
  2. Ryo Ichiriki 7p vs Fine Art (14:30-16:30)

Live commentary:


Now that DeepZenGo outplayed Iyama Yuta in World Go Championship, let’s see how programs will perform in this competition. Luckily it’ll have English commentary so even I will be able to understand what’s going on.

Apparently the game with DeepZen will have 30 minutes main time and 30 seconds byo-yomi and game with Fine Art 1 hour main time and 1 minute byo-yomi. Both games are equal. I think with such short time control it would be hard for human player.


Thanks for the info mate

Event started a while ago.

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Sooo… Humanity is doomed. Both games were won by AI.

In the first game against DeepZenGo human player Ichiriki Ryo played Black and resigned after 162 moves. Unfortunately, I couldn’t watch this one, it was too early for me.

In the second game against FineArt human player was holding White and resigned after 157 moves. From my kyu understanding of go, White started to take territory early on, allowing Black to build big moyo. Then White proceeded to reduce it, however when complicated fight occurred, Black managed to seal its moyo and be ahead even though Black died in the corner.

Record of the games can be found here: (close to bottom of the page)