The Fundamental Principles of Go printing errors

I recently bought the much-suggested book The Fundamental Principles of Go, and while it’s a mostly fantastic book, I’m finding a lot of errors in the book and I’m wondering if anyone has compiled all the corrections? Sensei’s Library’s article mentions some updates but not all issues are addressed.

I’m thinking I’ll keep it in print and compare it against the Smart Go version for corrections, but has anyone bought it in the Smart Go format? If so does it also have errors like diagrams not having all the reference points? (“Black should have played at ‘A’ as seen in the diagram” but the diagram won’t have ‘A’ labeled anywhere)

I know a lot of players have this book so I’m also wondering if I just got a bad copy from Amazon…

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I haven’t read the book, but senseis has some errata on it: Fundamental Principles Of Go / Errata at Sensei's Library


I’ve the smartgo version. Is there any diagrams etc that you’d like to question?

One can also suggest errors for fixing to Anders Kierulf and he said he’s happy to fix them. I recently suggested one in the Ingenious life and death vol1 book.


Really? I don’t have that memory but maybe i was too enthusiastic to see all of them.

Here are a few examples I’ve come across so far where the diagram/problem/description don’t match. In these, one says white should take the 3-4 point but has the wrong diagram for the solution. In one the answer is in the problem (nothing to do about that) and in one it suggests that White is eyeing an invasion at A, but there is no A in my book haha!

I think that finding and correcting all of these will be worth studying in its own right, but could you confirm if the Smartgo version has any of these issues still present? Thanks for your help!

Yes that’s where I started my correction journey haha! But it mostly lists typos, rather than diagram errors like I have encountered in my version. The three pictures I posted above aren’t listed but are within the first 40 pages

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Can you tell me what chapters they’re in?

I think the problem numbering resets in each chapter?

(page number won’t be that helpful I don’t think, because that depends on font size and things which can be changed in the books in the app)

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Two are from the problems in Chapter 1 (key points of influence), problem 3 and 11.

The other is from diagram 2 in Chapter 2 (Relationships and Combinations)

This looks like solution diagram in problem 11 as opposed to the problem one. In the smartgo version the 1 and A aren’t there but this diagram is the solution diagram.

I’m not sure about the second picture from chapter 2 in terms of what I’m looking for?

Yeah the solution to problem 3 is also fixed in the smartgo version. 3-4 facing the white stone in the upper left and if black approaches low then white plays a 2 space extension on the lowers side.

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Thank you! For the Chapter 2 diagram, it says White is eyeing an invasion at “A” but A isn’t in the diagram printed. I’m thinking it’s probably worth the $10 or so to get the Smartgo version and just update the issues I can.

Stuff like the solution being where the problem should be can’t be fixed, but I’ve only found that once I think.

Sorry my spot the difference isn’t great, but yeah I think the labels are there.

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My paper copy “First printing” copyright 2004 has none of those 3 errors.

Didn’t Slate and Shell cease trading, it’s not some crappy reissue is it?

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I just got it from Amazon in the last few weeks, so it must be a weird broken reprint? In any case it’s 95% fine, and I’m glad to know the Smartgo version doesn’t have these issues so that I can buy it and annotate my print copy.

My goal was to get a physical copy so I would limit distraction but maybe this will be a good thing in its own right to fix it.

Thanks a ton for confirming these errors are no longer an issue digitally!