The Habits and Play Styles of OGS DDK Players

Just my observations. I’ll admit I am still guilty of some of these mistakes. :slight_smile:

The DDK Ladder

25 kyu: Either will not know where to place his first stone or obliterate even 10 kyus in unranked 19x19 boards.

24 kyu: To win, I must surround my opponent’s stones.

23 kyu: The 24 kyu who’s been delighted at winning his first few games.

22 kyu: Begins to develop a very basic form of territory awareness, but will still cut and swallow any opponent stones whenever possible. Leaves many cutting points behind.

21 kyu: Knows some basic responses to common moves, hane against a touching stone etc. Good at cutting through weaker player’s positions.

20 kyu: Sometimes will fix his own cutting points.

19 kyu: Ignores the importance of influence and dig out every last ounce of territory along the corner and sides. Then proceeds to throw a stone in at tengen in hopes of living, thereby erasing all of his opponent’s territory.

18 kyu: Still an obsession with the corner and side territories. Lots of 3rd line moves. Better at breaking through opponent’s influence by cutting at every possible cut point regardless if it works or not.

17 kyu: Gradually starts to realise that: to surround his opponent’s stones, he must not play directly adjacent to his group.

16 kyu: The newly learned life and death skills empowers their bloodthirstiness. Will overplay and try to kill everything on the board. That includes throwing in stones in 40 point corners in hopes of opponent making a blunder, and thereby winning the otherwise-impossible-to-kill corner.

(25 kyu to) 15 kyu: Will atari whenever possible, because he can. Will descend to 1st line of the board during middle-game because it’s a good way to get a solid wall with no gaps underneath.

14 kyu: Starts to develop a basic understanding of direction, but is often tempted to make bloodthirsty decisions about opponent’s invading stone, and end up chasing his opponent’s group into his own potential territory.

13 kyu: You cannot have anything on the board. Not even 1 point to yourself. It’s all mine. Nope, you just can’t. Sorry. (Invades every bit of open space you’re trying to develop, will try to live with all of them, of course.)

12 kyu: Knows the basic idea behind a proper game of Go, but will often play slow moves in an area and believing his opponent will always respond.

11 kyu: Sometimes will tenuki when a group of theirs is in trouble, and spend the next 40 moves trying to escape to safety.

10 kyu: Experienced at their respective play styles. Some prefers to take all territory first, and then erase the centre. Others fight at move 5.


The 24 kyu is so true! I still remember trying to understand why my groups were killed while I couldn’t kill my opponent’s groups, because I was like “my opponent gets 2 liberties from adding an extra stone to the end of their stick, while I can only take one away… so what kind of sorcery do they use to kill MY stones when it’s impossible to kill theirs???”. So many nightmares with this, my mind trying to figure out how to kill stuff and why my stuff would get killed… then I came up to the conclusion the knight’s jump was the solution, and would get cut everywhere… then I started cutting everything I could too, while ending up with a lot of weak groups myself. And then… oh well, you summarized everything much better than I ever could, so why do I keep writting?

I still do a lot of the mistakes pointed out though…


17-15 plays Tengen as early as possible.

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In my experience,

11k: Builds a 200-point moyo, since the opponent has no idea how to counter it (and gets the entirety.)

And yeah, I was that 11k >:3

Moyo-countering definitely is learnt later than moyo-building, for obvious reasons.


If you’re not opening with tengen then you’re waiting too long


If you’re not redlining, you’re not headlining

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I faintly remember having read, years ago, some old (?), and, I think, Japanese or Chinese list of ranks up to 1d (?) … IIRC it mentioned states of mind for them, and there 1d was something like “fool” (if not worse) :flushed:

Anybody know where to find that?

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