The integrated AI Review feature for OGS

I agree.
I would say that games with only 10 moves played don’t deserve AI analysis. Maybe even more.

It’s really weird when you see three top changing moves… out of 10! :grin:

How many moves are necessary to have a fuseki that makes some sense? :thinking:


I like that idea a lot, I will add it in in the next couple of weeks


If this is done anyway, how about putting games on hold for review when the result of the scoring phase doesn’t agree with LZ’s verdict?

just a little information on the multiple notifications issue.

today I watched the analysis live to completion, and went and did something else.
when the notification came I actually clicked on the link again instead of dismissing

the analysis was being generated again, it was about 1/4 of the way through.

so, I have a small suspicion that its not the notification that’s the problem, but the analysis queue - it may actually be running the analysis multiple times


The new AI moves are super ugly, Who made the decision away from the beautiful shades of green? What do the numbers tell me?

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See the main post on the topic:

And this line in particular:


Next question. Is it possible to for both players of a just-finished game to see the AI analysis? If so, how?

And an overall comment: The AI addition to OGS is fantastic. Thank you very much.


Top three moves are displayed automatically.

If one of the players has the full analysis, both players can view it (once it’s finished) by clicking the list button in the upper left part of the “chat” column.

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You shouldn’t need to wait for completion or select from the list, once the full review begins both players and any spectators should have their view automatically switched to the full review and can watch as it processes, and view any moves that have been processed while waiting for the rest to complete.

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Is the level of leela analysis visible somewhere? Like is i ran a kyu-level review, can my opponent see that it’s only the “weakest” review leela can give? And if my opponent has higher level satus (donates more money), can he/she do the anal. again with more playouts?

Another thing: Could you reduce the moves shown late at game, having the ~whole board filled with 0-moves is cluttering af >___>

Also, why does leela sometimes find only moves with negative winrates? And why does it still show those moves, if they were even worse than the move played? Example


Could be more helpful, but its free, so can’t complain really. (maybe the bot gets confused by 8 stone handicap)

It’s not that the bot gets confused; it’s the static win rate. “Blunders” in this context are measured as changes in win rate. If the win rate starts at 99% and never changes, the AI Review will find 0 blunders. So currently, AI Review is not so useful in handicap play. Maybe this will change in a future update.


@Anoek This is an ongoing theme - I almost wonder whether AI review should be disabled for handicap.

(Though I guess this might just change the questions from “why does this analysis make no sense?” into “why can’t I analyze this game?” :wink: )


Its only confusing when black does win the game (without white never getting the upper hand)
In handicap games where white manages to turn the tables and eventually win, the review is kinda fun to look at, and it does provide at least some useful information about blunders.


@anoek totally cool AI support. Absolutely mind blowing gorgeous real time graphing, blunder lists etc.

I’m finding it hard to read on the web. A couple of thoughts if ever you have time:

  • the minus sign blends into grid especially when round circle around the move. Different colour for the negatives or the accounting convention of parenthesis might help. E.g (7) vs -7
  • easy access guide to interpreting blue, green, delta etc
  • I take it analysis always from perspective of black, i.e. positive if increases their win? Again guide would be handy.

Looking forward to using it lots :partying_face:


Indeed, will work on that.

Another good point :slight_smile:

It’s always from the current player, so if it’s whites move, a -10 would mean whites chance of winning decreases by 10 points


Any verdict? I’d love to be able to upload a game for AI review.

You should be able to upload a game to your sgf library and do a review from there already! If you have any problems shoot me a link to the game, but it should just work

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I’m really looking forward to the 9x9 AI review. Is there a GitHub issue where we can be notified of the progress?

Support for this is nearly done I think :slight_smile: I’ll make a forum announcement for it when it’s ready.