The Interactive Way to Go - Version II (Being constructed)

I think the more the core content (i.e., text, diagrams/tsumego, and organization) can be disentangled from the presentation (i.e., code that implements the site), the better the project could be handled in a modular fashion.

Some people could focus on contributing to the content, while others could work on the coding to implement the presentation. Ideally, the code should serve as a platform to enable flexible content, while the content creators can tune the text and diagram/tsumego SGFs independently. Imagine a system where the content could just be written as plaintext with light markup (like in Markdown) with accompanying SGFs used to specify the interactive diagrams/tsumego, and then the code could automatically generate the site from that and an outline specifying the overall organization.

There are various webpage generators out there, but those are more suited for blog-like and semi-static sites. I think this project requires at least a slightly more customized approach, due to the embedding of widgets for handling tsumego, and handling the overall progress tracker.

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Hi there,

I’m the author of this version of IWTG which @trohde mentioned. Would be awesome to collaborate on something!

A few things about my version:

  • I’ve been in the middle of rebuilding the main template so it supports both mobile and desktop.
  • The content as you can see is about 3/4 done.
  • Under the covers, it’s mainly Markdown. I have my tsumego bits in a separate configuration. I am intending to open source at some point.
  • I wrote the go library for it.
  • I intend to support multiple languages for the project. That’s baked into the code.
  • I got Hiroki Mori’s blessing a few years ago.

Hopefully it’s of use to the go community at some point. I know I’ve been pretty laggy on building it. Life has been busy.


This site looks awesome Adam! It’s really fresh looking and accessible.

I have only one very small feedback - I think that the word “NEVER” in the first screen that you click on should be a link that explains why you will never be good at it. Otherwise this sentence can read as kind of a backhanded insult to the reader…

(I also clicked on “Understand a Professional Game”, full of hope … dang! :smiley: :smiley: )


(I also noticed that hints give the solution, rather than a hint)


really nice looking site. You are humble with your skills

Of course too, localization in Romanian

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That is an interesting thought. Currently the hint just shows the next correct move (if it is the last or only move that means solution as well). Did you expect it to give a written text hint? Or what way would you prefer?

I guess I was surprised that the hint button played a move.

It could “point to” the next move, at the most basic/least effort. Or a hint would be “how many liberties does the white group have? Can you remove one?”



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It also occurred to me that if the button said “Help” rather than “Hint” then it would not be surprising that it plays the next move.

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I would expect the button that shows the next solution would either be named “solution” or “show me the move”.

Or you can take the path of the original iwtg and just make them brute force.