The Interactive Way to Go - Version II (Being constructed)

Sorry for the clickbait :slight_smile:

The story is simple. I thought internet go might use an interactive guide - fun, more thorough than teaching just the rules, but more compact than a book. A steping stone for those who do not just want to blindly place the stones, but are not yet sure they want to invest into more detailed materials. Similar to what the did for years, but a bit more true to modern standards.

Now to the fun part - I thought I knew enough to make it myself (haha, yeah). I don’t. And now a half finished website is just sitting on my harddrive for months, being useless. You can preview it here:

1. Do you see a use in such a website? Or do you think it is unnecessary given everything we have already? Let me know

2. Would you be interested in helping such a project? In that case read further (if not, there will be nothing interesting for you below this point :slight_smile: )

The project is on github
I did not really originally expect to bother anyone with my code and it is not too optimized for other people - sorry about that.

Currently my biggest problem is that the interactive puzzles seem to crash some mobile browsers (sigh). I know barely any javascript, and have no idea how to troubleshoot it. Currently they are powered by the WGo board extension ( which provides most of the functions I want, but is not finished and thus may be cause of the problem on itself. I have seen that tsumegohero uses jGOboard for their puzzles, but I cannot find any documentation as how to achieve that. Any help on that front would be extremely appreciated.

As far as the content is concerned That is a secondary issue. I would be happy out to hear any suggestions or ideas for that as well, but know that many of the pages and puzzles are nothing more than a placeholders and undeveloped and unspellchecked ideas. So do not spend too much time on detailed critiques just yet. :slight_smile: If the project moves forward I will be sure to ask you again for a better look.


My coding skills: Somewhere between nil and infinitesimal.



What a wonderful thing you are doing! This will help many beginners! :grinning:

Tabletized websites, tabletized websites everywhere. (ノ°Д°)ノ︵ ┻━┻

Back to the topic.

  1. What mobile browser?
  2. When exactly does this happen? Does it happen reliably or intermittently?
    2.1 How to reproduce the crash?
  3. Do you have a sample java console / crash report?

Awesome project! I think it’s great that you put things under an open license (GPL). Glad to see more beginner content entering the open source world!

  1. As to what browsers I am unsure. On my phone only the default android browser crashes - every time I go to any page with the interractive puzzle say “double atari” for example (", firefox is completely happy and Chrome chews throught it after a second or two. But I’ve heard reports of even chrome crashing on friend’s device…

  2. I don’t. I did not really got around to connecting the phone to a debug mode (and do not know any other way to access mobile console)

I think this is a very interesting project, I wish I knew how to program to help you with that but I definitely vote to continue! One thing that comes to mind is why don’t you integrate it with OGS, if that’s even a possibility of course? I think it would be so much easier (and helpful!) to have all this information directly in a platform that already allows you to play. It may also help to increase the number of new players around here right?

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Great! I was looking at the interactive way to go just a couple of days a go and I was thinking to myself that it is quite sad that such a great resource is not useable anymore. It would be amazing if you could finish a modern website with the same kind of great interactive learning method! Please continue with the project!

Yes, I’d vote for a “many guides” approach, similar to the puzzle section.

Someone creates an introduction to the game, uploads the whole thing to OGS and people can rate it 1-5 stars. Best guide rises to the top, but if the top guide doesn’t suit everyone’s needs (quite likely), there’ll be others to choose from. The more, the merrier.

Edit: @AdamR I’d recommend to isolate the javascript parts from the website stuff, i.e. embed the problems on otherwise empty pages. That will make it much easier to inspect relevant code and it’ll also tell us if it’s the problem itself or the website JS or the interaction between the two.

For me: 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14 (error 404) don’t work.

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Do you see a use in such a website?

It seems very useful to me :slight_smile:
Just because there is another site with the same idea, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have another new site with a fresh take on the matter. I really like how it looks and the whole attitute of it seems very vibrant, which is always a plus for keeping new players engaged.

Would you be interested in helping such a project?

At this moment I can help with proofreading, content and I can make the localization for the Greek language, if you have plans for supporting other languages. Not really the help you are looking for, but that is what I am good for, at present.

Keep up the great work! :slight_smile:

Really? that’s kind of weird, they should work and I can access them just fine… If you are super intersted I guess just download the whole thing, but there is nothing mindlowing there… :smiley: The basic formula is the same everywhere. (It’s not my server that it’s on currently, so I can’t really tweak much)

Anyway thanks for the suggestions, If nobody already has experience with creating tsumego I will do my best to troubleshoot it.

Any help with proofreading and enhancing the content will be very much appreciated once (if) I sort out the technical issues. I would of course also love to have translations, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. So far I do not even have the English :smiley:


I just had a quick look at #8 - it’s trying to load a nonexistent JS file (js/tsumegos.js), which will probably be part of the reason why it’s crashing/not working as expected. It’s also looking for the webmanifest file at the root of the URL, which is incorrect (it’s in LTPG/site.webmanifest).

In general, I think the idea is a good one. The execution, however, makes it difficult for anyone to just “jump in” to help out. This is by no means a criticism of you, just an indicator about your experience, but it does need to be remedied. For example, I would want to re-do the site using something that eventually compiles into static code (Gatsby, Hugo, etc.) or at least implement some system so you can follow a DRY (don’t repeat yourself) approach, which would help prevent some of these issues where one file works and another doesn’t. Admittedly, I don’t know how Wgo or JGoBoard would play with something like Gatsby and Mdx, but I think it would help organize the project a lot.

Here are a few suggestions that may make the project more human-readable:

  1. Avoid inline styles. Use descriptive class names and write an external style.css file (podnadpis as a class name tells me nothing, for example). I realize you may just be trying things out inline (which is fine), but do try to move them into the main style sheet ASAP.
  2. Since you’re new to JS in the first place, I might recommend you check out ES6’s arrow functions. You may afterwards have to compile the JS into “vanilla JS” for older browsers, but the code itself should get a lot more readable (and possibly shorter). Also, for performance, load as few JS files as possible. You can use something like Gulp or WebPack to merge multiple separate files into one (though this should probably be done at a later point in the development process).
  3. Focus on one implementation at a time and refactor it (for example, puzzle 1 uses JGoBoard, and a large chunk of that JS can be moved to another JS file and therefore make the file more readable). However, if this is the only page where you use JGoBoard, maybe see if you can use tsumego.js instead? It would help reduce complexity.

I’m more than happy to help out with this project, but I’d want to have a thorough discussion as to how we could improve the organization of the project, as I feel proceeding with the project’s current state would do more harm than good in the future. I’m also happy to try out implementing a bit of this in Gatsby using Mdx on my own if you were interested in this (although I’m not sure how much time I’ll have over the next week or so). Let me know if this would be of interest to you, and how we might be able to best get in contact for a bit of a chat?

EDIT: I had a little free time, so I tried out Gatsby with the content from 1.html. Problem is Gatsby is all React-based, which runs into a lot of conflicts with the JS needed for the boards. Hugo, however, would work.


@lswest many thanks for the answer an interest :slight_smile:

no worries about criticizing me it is how it is and no reason to pretend otherwise. The whole “site” as it is now was basically my playground (which originally I thought I could manage on my own) hence it is no doubt confusing for anyone normal. The styles were originally named in my mother tounge which obviously also does not help </end of excuses :smiley: > Sorry about the experience of actually reading through that code.

To properly explain what I am looking for:
Currently I have very little ambition to learn JS to a level that I could improvize my own tsumego solution or fix a broken one.

  • Either I can find a complete solution (and understand enough of it) to just basically copy and paste it into the website
  • Find someone with the experience and willingness to do/help me do that part
  • Or just trash the project (which would also not be end of the world). Just trying to say that I will probably never convince myself to learn JS to any bigger extent just for one hobby project.

Given time, I think I can manage the rest of the site (apart from the tsumegos) into a decent and working order. If there is hope of having working tsumegos I am quite happy to try and clean up my mess so others can help with the whole site, just saying that unless someone actually wants to work on that part I do not think there is need. Also anyone experienced could probably whip up a better template in a shorter ammount of time than it would take to understand and fix mine, there is nothing groundbraking nor clever in my basic html/css and I would feel no regrets about letting it go for a superior version.
If that was the case, I am more than happy to stand aside for someone more experienced to work on it and I would just try to work on the actuall content (that’s the fun part for me :slight_smile: not the coding)

Hope I am making sense. In short I basically want to have a working tsumego interface, before spending too much of my time on the rest of the site (just to be sure the time is not wasted). Thus the actual website is currently sort of a secondary issue for me.

Bottom line, if you are still interested and want to chat more, PM here on the forums is most convenient for me. And thanks again for your time and help, it is very appreciated.


Great idea!

Your new pages look really, really nice in comparison to The Interactive Way to Go. Plus the fact that the old site still uses Flash, that nobody else does…

I know a bit of Javascript (although I am not a Web developer). Unfortunately, I can’t help you debug the crash on mobile because, believe it or not, I don’t use a mobile device to access the Internet.

Lswest’s suggestion to use a framework like Hugo also sounds good. It’s more work right now, because you need to learn it and configure it, but it should make it much more convenient to add content in the future.


Great effort! Long overdue! :slight_smile:
May I suggest Shudan as an alternative that may eventually solve your Javascript crash problem?

Your double atari problem page seems to be working on iOS.

Looking great! :slight_smile:

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I look forward to it!

I usually link people to iwtg when I think they can make use of it (which is most of the time), but I keep having to give the chrome caveat about Flash. If this can get going, that would be nice!

As for the wording, I think it’s a bit cheesy. Like, I know it’s a teaching tool, but I direct many adults to this stuff, and the “EZ, I got this, next” for “continue” or “next” will probably grind some people’s gears.

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@AdamR, that’s AWESOME!

When I read this I immediately thought you should join forces with Frank Lam who has already progressed with Way to Go, in an agreement with the owner of IWTG to “copy” it, and so far I like it very much. But it seems that Frank is somewhat overworked currently … perhaps contact him and ask him to open his project for collaborators? I think he intended to do that anyway … I could try to mediate, i.e. introduce you to each other, we’ve already chatted a few times, and, just like you, he seems to be a friendly and approachable person :slight_smile:


Thank you! I will be sure to have a look when I have time. On first glance I did not see a tsumego implementation out of the box, do you know of any example of that usage (just asking for convenience, if you are not sure I will look for it myself)

Thank you for bringing that up, sometiems I need to be reminded. :slight_smile: I do have a weird sense of humour that I know is not for everyone, and while I want to keep the texts sort of lighthearted and readable I will be sure to try and contain myself a bit :smiley: I (we) will be revising most of the texts anyway, I will remember to tone down the most obvious parts.

Can’t hurt to ask :slight_smile: would you kindly PM me some contact info?
Edit: oh nevermind I see it, duh


Unsure about direct implementation of tsumego functionality.
The developer is quite responsive, so I think you’ll be able to get an answer for that quite quickly.