The most interesting topic in go? (dragon slaying? Liberty fight?)

Hi, what do you think is the most interesting topic in go? dragon slaying? liberty fight? life and death?


The most interesting topic in go is a personal thing.
Maybe a poll could help you find out what is the most interesting topic?

The most visited topic is Go Memes (86.5 k views).
Go Memes is also the most replied to topic (1.8 k replies).

Topics with visuals are popular. Also topics about games (not go!) are popular.
The most popular (most visited/replied to) topics are surprisingly often only vaguely related to the playing of go itself.



With go its all about the thin balance between you and your opponent. For every move black plays, white will also play a move, and every exchange is gaining something for you while giving something else for your opponent. At the end, the player who was able to tip this balance in his/her favour more times than the other player was, will win the game.

For me, this balance of exchanging moves is the most beautiful part of the game, and thus its also my favorite topic to talk about.


the most interesting topic in go (for me) is :rose: Love :rose:


I think ko fights are fascinating. It stresses me out to play them, but I love watching others do it.

I’m trying to learn to be more mindful of not wasting ko threats, but I’m not there yet.


Topic for what? Are you looking for video topics?

Good suggestion thanks

yeah for videos

This is your channel, right?

I see that your review playlist is mostly focusing on your own higher dan level games. Most OGS players are kyu level. Perhaps it would be more appealling to OGS players if you reviewed some SDK level games?

Yeah, true, I do have some sdk level games in there.

Meme review video, but for go, haha.

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