The OGS Stone Removal Process Has a Bug

The GS Stone Removal Process has a bug. It does not know “Double Live” territories. As an example, game apparently has a double live region on the top-right corner, but the GS program judged that the black set was captured. This wrong counting directly resulted in a black-won (by 5.5 points) game lost.

Could you please verify? Thanks.

Hello, yes, unfortunatelly the scoring is occasionaly wrong.
However, you should be able to change the status of the group by clicking on the stones, or the territory they surround.
Then your opponent has to accept the change again.


Thanks Adam for your quick reply!

I followed your instruction and clicked on the “captured” stones, and it returned to the status before I accepted. I am waiting for my opponent’s response.

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No problem :slight_smile:
If you changed them to right status, you should now be able to click accept stones to confirm and once your opponent confirms as well, the score will be final.


Yes. I did.

I am relatively new (kind of an occasional player) to GS, so I am not quite familiar with its environment. I appreciate your help.

I am thinking to be a site supporter because of your great service.

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Haha don’t worry about it :slight_smile:
We appreciate every support, but I really didn’t do anything that special. Happy to help.



Note that this isn’t considered a bug.

The scorer does it’s best, and you’re expected to help out at the end. That’s whole the reason why there is an acceptance phase: if someone could write a fast algorithm to correctly determine score, then we wouldn’t even need that phase.

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