# The OpenStudyRoom 2023 Leagues Are Up w/Eunkyo Do 1P and Guo Juan 5P!!!

Dear Baduk-Bucanneers, Go-Moguls and Weiqi-Wizards,

Happy New Year and Best Wishes to all of you! May your games be exciting, your tesujis exquisite, your counting accurate and your decisions as calm and collected as your trophies in the coming 2023 leagues and tournaments!

The New Year in the OSR is kicking of with new leagues, both the January League and the Meijin League running from first of January to March 31.

In the OSR and our leagues:

  • The registration and participation is 100% free (and always will be!!!)
  • We play serious (thoughtful) games with ample time
  • We hearten players of all strengths to play each other, across ranks, without handicap (think of it as free teaching games ^^)
  • We encourage players to review and learn together, from their good moves and their botches

In our experience playing serious games and reviewing them are key to improvement and learning, as well as fostering a friendly environment and good spirits!

  • We reward participation, special achievements and success in the leagues with stellar prizes from our amazing friends, partners and sponsors!!

This month’s prizes include:

Besides our leagues there is big news we have announced last month already, but let’s say it again, because it is so.spectacularly.swell. :

Eunkyo Do 1P is answering questions from our registered members about baduk and board positions in our Discord, and she will live review games played by our members in a Twitch stream later this month!!!

Many, many thanks to Eunkyo Do, for her kindness, generosity and knowledgability! If you feel so inclined please visit Eunkyo Do’s YouTube channel, you will find there great study material for players of all ranks, from DDKs to DANs. UwU

In case you want to find out more about the Open Study Room, join our leagues or just hang out with us: You are very welcome to to check out our Website, our FAQ, and to stop by on our Discord!

Happy New Year 2023 and may the Go/Baduk/Weiqi Saints be with you!