The pass then play player

I try to be respectful and finish a game when its over. I play against teen kyu players who will play moves while I pass until I realize I might of left an opening after passing 3 times and then losing.
Since this is probably impossible to deal with, my question is. Should I always make sure my giant group surrounding an opponent has 2 eyes before passing even though it is a waste. These losses are annoying, but so is playing 20 extra moves even though the game is over.


Could you provide an example? I’m trying to understand the scenario you are talking about. There are many scenarios where your opponent might play after you pass:

  1. The game is not over, boundaries are not complete (you are in the wrong, but it happens sometimes)
  2. Dame has not been filled (no one is in the wrong, filling dame is traditional, but often skipped in online games)
  3. Your opponent is contesting the life of a group (no one is in the wrong)
  4. Your opponent is a sore loser, and is making the game go on indefinitely (they are in the wrong, call a moderator)

I sense you are talking about (3). In that case, play it out. If you think you can pass without dying, do that, but take it as a learning experience if you are wrong. If you are irritated, you can take solace in the fact that this behavior becomes less common as you get to a higher rank.


If you could check out my last game, that is a good example. I passed early, but the game is clearly over at that point. Blitz is about quick games

Here is the game link: Shikata ga nai vs. T83

While this probably wouldn’t happen in a game at a higher level, I am inclined to say there was no foul play. Since your opponent was able to make a one eyed group inside of your one-eyed group, I think it’s plausible that your opponent sensed they could win a capturing race (which they did in the end). That said, I understand your irritation, as you would have won that game if both of you had decided to end the game.

If this happens to you again, I would just kill them outright. IMO it’s on you to show that their group is dead.


Pretty cheap move dude
Im calling a mod for this
your using an exploit to ghet past a ko

White was perfectly within his rights to play (76).

You had the chance to play (75) J4 to make a seki, after which White would win by 20.5 points.

You also had the option of playing (75) E4 which insists on a ko but allows White to capture first.

Obviously you have no threats for this ko so White would capture.

The irony of the situation is that even if White didn’t invade, and simply played (48) B9, he would still win by half a point after you finish with (49) A6.


Use chinese rules to feel free to add moves in your territory if you don’t like to think in these situations. Although it’s still better to read and be sure to add a move or not.
Many times there is no compromise on reading in a go game.

The title of the topic is in itself a bit ambiguous, It’s not a player who pass and then play but a player who play when you pass. And it’s a normal behavior many times.

Also with Japanese rules, playing inside your territory responding to an invasion isn’t

If you left an opening, just close it. This isn’t a waste either.

Talking about respect, expecting your opponent to resign when you feel you’re ahead isn’t respectful at all.
An invasion that kills your group is quite respectful and deserves respect too.

Actually any invasion always deserves respect by evaluating it and deciding if it deserves a response too. That’s the minimum amount of respect required to play Go.

If you don’t do that, you’ll learn respect by losing games, which is the most annoying way.


I like especially the last sentence.

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There’s some great responses already.

About the game itself again, I wouldn’t have passed at move 57, there was still a stone to contest (capture for Black, save for White) at B8 but playing B9. Again at 61 too.

So at this point just because you passed doesn’t mean your opponent has to pass or will pass when there’s still meaningful moves left.

I can kind of understand it though (not the comments made to the opponent). It is quite funky to pass and pass and retake the ko. I’m actually not sure who gets to play first when you cancel scoring for example (I should look that up :slight_smile:)

I’m not sure why katago doesn’t consider J4 as a move for Black after the pass. I guess it would rather a 0.00…1 percent chance of winning that a 0 per cent chance.

I’ve often played with beginners who keep playing after i passed, mostly because they just dont yet see that “nothing should work” and that is ok, the only way people learn is by experimenting and trying out different stuff.

I recommend making sure that nothing will work, and only pass again when you’re absolutely sure that there is nothing regarless how many stones does your opponent play on the board.


I think the problem is, it’s very hard (for me at least) to do that in Blitz. With OGS defaults for Blitz, 10s byo-yomi I barely have time to see what threat my opponents move is supposed to make, nevermind checking the rest of the board, or several moves ahead :slight_smile: It might be slightly easier on 9x9 than 19x19 say, but still.

To OP, maybe mix in some live games as well to get a feeling for spotting when to pass, when all the boundaries are complete, when things are alive without more moves needed?

Ok in short to the OP

Did you like D5 move? That’s the most important here , not who wins or loses.

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Then don’t play blitz :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a choice: either you get to complain that you made a mistake, or you play blitz and accept that mistakes are part of it


This is fair. I think the advice can also try to take into account the time settings.

“Just read everything out and play the best move or pass if there’s no more moves needed” is great advice but can’t be applied in most games in most time settings :slight_smile:

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There is a grey zone here, so if your opponent is playing while you are passing and it is “clear” that they have no hope to improve their score or achieve a win, then you can raise a report on it as timewasting play.

HOWEVER if you have left weaknesses in your position and you pass, your opponent is entitled to attempt to exploit it.

That’s where moderator judgement would come in, if you report sometime playing timewasting play but they assert that they have an opportunity… how that is judged, and the actual response and actions, will depend somewhat on the skills of the players involved (clearly TPKs aren’t expected to be able to judge end positions as well as Dans).