The positive effects of corona

A lot of people have a tendency to focus on the negative effects of the corona pandemic. But I also hear people around me talking about the positive aspects of corona. Spending more time with the family. Not wasting time in traffic jams and commuting. Finally having time for reading that stack of books you always wanted to read. Fix things in the house you never had time for. Etcetera, etcetera.

Do you recognise this? Did the corona pandemic reset your way of thinking about life in general? Do you value your health more now? Do the small things in life make give you more pleasure?

Just curious how all this changed your life for the better.


Made it easier to get employment insurance since I lost my job I guess?

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I think the two big myths of the pandemic is that people’s finances are worse and that they have more time. Of course if you lost your job or were on furlough then your finances were hit and I guess you had more time (although I’m not totally sure about the latter).
For those with jobs I’m pretty sure they must be much richer now than before. No commuting cost, no childcare costs, no going out, no holidays.
In terms of time, everyone seems to assume that you have more time but I don’t see it. Between job pressures which have mostly meant more hours, home cooking with no eating out/school lunches, home schooling and general childcare without the usual support makes for less time than before…

For me, I’m lucky to have a job still and I value my health more now that I’ve lost it somewhat in the lockdowns/homeworking.


Funny, but also a bit disappointing that so few see the positive side of corona.

In my own life, it’s hard to find positive side of this corona.
Maybe I spent a bit more time on OGS. Not sure.

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For a while nobody noticed my bad haircut anymore.


Reading about the death-toll on the morning news just brightens my day. :3


Just a nice picture (imho) and a nice story of how to give the pandemic a positive spin.