The possibility to save prefered settings for games

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I’m not sure if this point was discussed before but in doubt and after searching, I’m opening a new topic.

I (and others) play in some tournaments or leagues that have different settings of time and rules and each time i have to look up what setting is used for what tournament before sending a challenge to my opponent. Therefore I was wondering if it is possible to add a kind of list of prefered settings, something like 5 settings that are easily found when you create a challenge.

For example when I create a challenge for random players to join I like the japanese rules, 20min+3x30s byo yomi and i often need to create a challenge for a league’s games with AGA rules, 45min+3x30s byo-yomi. The possibility to have them in memory and being able to switch from one another might be a good feature to add to OGS :slight_smile:

Hope this is not a repost ! Thanks !


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Nice QoL idea, but not so useful for myself. I guess more players could be interested

Hmm, the system already remembers the last settings you used… so I suppose it might not be too hard to have it remember a number of custom presets to quickly choose between…

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Easy solution: Have the TDs create the tournaments on OGS, that way you won’t have to bother with the match settings. :smiley:

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I would use this. 13x13 20 +10, 19x19 30 +15, and 19x19 30s +9.

Without even remembering them, if we could have a URL format that lets you link to a challenge page with the settings prefilled, that would support uses like this. They could just link to it from the tournament website.


I like this one a lot. Seems to fit the use case described by OP, and doesn’t complicate the UI more :slight_smile:


Could be useful for replies to teaching game requests too. Like “send me a challenge, correspondence, analysis on, no handicap, Japanese rules, don’t forget the dolphin emoji…”


I’m very interested in Robin’s request.
I organize a league approved for a federation from a personalized site, practical for this league and used for a long time. The games are played on OGS but players regularly make mistakes in the settings.

I like Feijoa’s idea but I prefer even more the one allowing to save some parameters in memory by naming them. So a player in my league would only have to create a game by selecting the right parameter using the registered name and no more errors! It would help me a lot as an organizer.


Is this one a candidate for front end implementation using the generic key-value store?


Can that be shared across different users? @Savagnin’s comment made me think that shared/named configs were desired…


At first I didn’t think about the possibility of sharing the settings between users but it’s actually a pretty good idea when it comes to organizing events without using the OGS tournament system.

I don’t know anything about @GreenAsJade comment but if it’s working why not !

It would be great to know if other members are concerned by this feature.

What about a button to save your own preferences and add it to a list, and another that might just do something like hash the settings and then you can share that.

Have another way to import settings by pasting in one of these hashes?

Assuming one can maybe make that shorter that just a big string of all the settings. (it’s not that long of a string I suppose, and at least its readable)


OGS’s devs are my heroes ! hahaha

Now, when you create a game, it’s possible to save the settings and to find them later in your “preferred settings” list, this si SO nice ! Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


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