The rank is quicker than the eye

At first I thought I was hallucinating, but I did it again and again and it’s just as I saw the first time:
my opponent’s rank suddenly changes after the page is loaded!

Here is the game:

My opponent now is 11k.
I click on the next game (circled number on top right) then I click the “back” button on my browser and while the page is loading the rank is 12k, then suddenly becomes 11k.

If I just refresh the page, the rank is always 11k.

Isn’t that weird?

Is your opponent’s rank in the “next” game 12k?

I didn’t put attention to it, but none of my current opponents is 12k.

Also I was actually reading “dennyon (12k)” and then suddenly “dennyon (11k)”.

I checked again with a different page: from the game page I clicked on “Puzzles” on the top menu. Then “back”. It’s the same: first 12k then 11k.

Another one: 7k to 2k

The final number appears together with the profile picture.
Here some pics (or it didn’t happen! :wink: )




The site is quite slow for me today. When I open the ladders pages the list updates by steps of about 20 names at a time.

Perhaps I’m just seeing the normal behaviour of the site in slow motion… probably because of weak connection…

I wonder where those ranking come from…

The site caches users rank at different places. Something similar happen if you are using the site chats (Why does rank show differently in chat and on user profile?)

It could be that the rank you see first is you opponents rank as it was as the game started. When the games page is fully loaded it updates the user data with an additional request to the server. If your connection is slow, you can observe it visually.


Just started noticing this, as well. Seems like there’s an initial request for the rank, and then another request when the page updates that gets a different rank. The second one seems to be correct.

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