The rateing system

i set the game to restrick rateing for 20-25kyu how did i still get a 10kuy player they must find me amuseing


From the documentation of OGS (chapter custom offer)

Restrict Rank (when checked you can choose the range of ranks that may accept your game. “Minimum Ranking” refers to the weakest allowed rank and “Maximum Ranking”, the strongest.) Note: If you don’t restrict rank, a limit of ±9 still applies for ranked games.

So I don’t now how it was messed up.

In any case, if you don’t get the right people you were asking for you can cancel the game at the very beginning, so check your opponent level before playing your first move.

From the same documentation:

You can cancel the game if the Cancel Game button is shown. The Resign button replaces the Cancel Game button after both players have made a move.

A canceled game will be shown as a lost game in your game history, but it will not change your rating.

Anyway you can put automatic handicap too, which help you for your first steps.
And you can chose a name for your game like “beginner search beginner”, can help too.
Last, if you think being cheated or have some bad attitude from your opponent (may happen sadly sometimes) there is a “call a moderator” button with each game. Use it.

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(Post withdrawn for inaccuracy)

I suspect you possibly got them mixed up?
25k should go in minimum, and
20k should go in maximum

If you accidentally swap the order (for some reason we still allow this) it bugs out.