The score is same but info is "Black wins by 0 points"

I played on 7x7 board and the komi is 9. (I don’t know if this bug happens on other size board or komi)

When the final score is the same (Both players are 29 points under AGA rule), the system information is “Black wins by 0 points” and the voice also say this.

Should change it to a tie.


The rules of Go have a x.5 komi so there will be no ties. I think OGS isn’t used to having a whole number komi.

Actually there are many different rulesets and some don’t have x.5 komi. Some rulesets such as New Zealand is x komi(I think it is usually 7, but I don’t know). It isn’t the rules of go, it is the ruleset that you choose to use.


Oh I’ve actually never played New Zealand rules.