The somewhat recent history of ogs as a semiautobiographical tale

as told by loredude/muab’dude (the many titled, ask about on demand). viewers may comment and .accuracy to actual events is not guaranteed, and coverage of actual major events may not happen until a later date. in the beginning of ogs, they probably had bad internet that was like aol or something. sometime in this distant past of… what, 2005-2013? really long time ago timeeeeeeeeee! there was another server known as we annexed it with our superior numbers! since then i do not know if we have even raided another server upon digital horseback since them. alas, absolutely nothing of interest happened until December 1, 2020. nope, nothing at all, not in all of time. someone should probably prove me wrong.

pt.2 to come… eventually. most likely soon.

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