The Spirit of Go

I think I am starting to understand a huge factor in this game/life. Everything that we are, plays into Go. Maybe I am crazy, or too hyped from watching the last episodes of Hikaru no Go, but it seems that the stronger my character, the more control I have over my emotions which in turn allows me to clearly see better moves on the board. A game of intuition indeed.

Perhaps if you procrastinate, you don’t protect cuts in time. If you fail to see the bigger picture. 19x19 strategy will be difficult. If you’re greedy you can perish, etc etc.

I have only been playing for a few months now. I have definitely have lost 100+ games but I am merely Ddk. So perhaps I am beating a dead horse on this one.

Pretty much what I am getting at is, the more you understand yourself, the more you’ll understand how to translate yourself into the board and be a force. Of course there is a huge learning/skill gap but your games of Go will show your integrity and what kind of character you have. Much like any hobby or activity in life.

Not sure why I felt the need to share these thoughts.