“The Surrounding Game” — A Feature Documentary About Go

I just donated to make sure I’ll get the DVD :slight_smile:

Quoting from http://www.surroundinggamemovie.com/en/ (Chinese 中文 and Korean 한국어 also available on the site):


“The Surrounding Game” — A Feature Documentary About Go
“The Surrounding Game” is the first feature documentary to tell the incredible story of Go, from ancient China to 21st century America.[/quote]

Trailer #1 (also available in Chinese 中文)

Watch some teaser videos here: http://www.surroundinggamemovie.com/en/video/

(no idea why the YouTube doesn’t show here)

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Is there any news of when it’ll come out? I really want to watch this documentary! :astonished::heart_eyes:

The movie is apparently finished.
They will be showing it on all kinds of festivals and finally in 2017 release it to public.



Anyone already seen this one? Should be very interesting. Can’t OGS stream it? :wink:

I seem to recall AgentNeigh did stream it for us a while back (though not at a time of the day I could attend :slight_smile: )

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Same here. Does anyone know if it is available online or where I could get the dvd?

From https://www.surroundinggamemovie.com/buy-the-film/:

THE SURROUNDING GAME is not yet available for home use but is playing is select theaters across the country! See the screenings page for listings, or sign up to host your own. Want to be notified of video-on-demand release? Subscribe to the mailing list below.

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Any chance it’ll be available on Netflix?

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