The Surrounding Game on Netflix!

Yay - at last The Surrounding Game has arrived on Netflix (at least, here in Australia it finally came!).

"Moyo pictures presents… " LOL.



Not yet there for me :confused: unfortunately (europe, germany), hopefully coming soon though. thanks for the heads up, im not sure i would have thought to look.

EDIT: but we have the AlphaGo movie :smiley:


Confirmed available on Australian Netflix.

Thanks for pointing that out - we do too, it turns out. I really enjoyed it.

Unlike “The Surrounding Game” which was quite a disappointment and entirely missable, FWIW.

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Interesting. I quite liked it, what did you not enjoy about it?

I think the biggest thing is that I’d hoped it would be something that would be good to show my family/friends about the game I play.

But it is way too boring and un-insightful for that.

As someone interested in go, the qualification of the first american pros was mildly interesting, but the movie as a whole was choppy, the characters not really well covered … it didn’t really develop any care factor.


Yeah I think AlphaGo makes for a better “I can show this to people who don’t know what Go is” movie… I think the surrounding game was made before the latest influx (since all the filming was done pre-AG and only a tiny note post editing made it in at the end mentioning the LS got whooped lol)
But having said that, I still personally enjoyed the movie.

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I watched “The Surrounding Game” shortly after seeing this post. I am inclined to agree with this sentiment. I feel it evolved far too quickly (too much time passed between certain time frames. Not sure how to word this without giving spoilers for anyone that hasn’t seen it. My apologies).

That said, I still found it enjoyable to watch for myself, but maybe not introduce a new player (and I say that as someone that has only been playing for approximately 3 months). I have yet to watch the AlphaGo movie. If I didn’t have to work and deal with a sleep study tomorrow evening, I’d be looking for that as I type this reply.


I have shown the preview to people interested in the game. Since it has an interesting start, and tells a little bit about the game. But I always cringe when it gets to the american part. “We don’t study the game” and some of the subsequent scenes.

I think the Alpha GO preview may be a better intro.


I was disappointed with both :smiley:

Google was a bit better production-wise, and I guess okay for people who never followed the LS matches, but otherwise they both felt “empty” for me, and I did not really feel that someone who even remotelly followed the matches gained anything new from the documentary.

I guess the argument could be made that the target audience were layman, but still… Given the google funding I expected something great… :man_shrugging: And half of it was just a clipshow from youtube :smiley:

We have both movies in Netflix Hong Kong.

I like both but the AlphaGo movie is better structured, feels more professional and grand, and in general just has a better “flow”.

The Surrounding Game is not too bad, I especially enjoy the interview and scenery of all the China, Japan, Korea place and people.