The upcoming LearnGoWeek

Hello everyone so I have applied to help out during Learn Go Week and I am suppose to find a lecture to do with everyone I have had nearly no time to come up with a lecture to do on my own it’s always hard to pick a subject so I would like those who are interested to tell me in the comments what they think the subject should be on and by the end of the week I will pick one of those subjects. Thanks a bunch in advance!


I would love a lecture about cutting and connecting stones in various situations. It is a central element in Go, and theres not much ressources about this on the net.

Hey @Mikasa,

I would offer two suggested topics: :sunglasses:

  1. When to use pincers and when not to. I have started lecturing on this topic in my Q&A program “Fridays with xhu98”, but because of the broadness of this topic it’s impossible for me to complete cover everything. Also, this is a highly requested topic, so a lecture on that will be cool!

  2. The other day you talked about trick moves and how to refute them. I think that might be a good discussion to continue on :smile:

I always come up short in the fuseki, and no matter how hard I try to think about the
ramifications of my moves there’s something I just dont get…my fuseki outcomes
always seem to be very random

anyways, if you could come up with a short exposition about how to think about fuseki
situations I think it would help alot of players


I myself think the best lectures are always those that deal with detailed common position. I find those are more helpful than general idea like fuseki concept or sabaki or general strategy.

Common ideas I can think of are:

  1. w kakari, b pincer, w one point jump joseki, why must black defend the corner and not the side? At around 10 kyu it happen a lot that black choose to extend the side and ignore the corner. (And to be honest even now I can’t find a way to seal black in completely if black ignore corner, always leaves a cut and a peep in my game)

  2. w kakari, b pincer, w sansan, black block separate & white extend the other side then one point jump out, why shouldn’t black push through the gap immediately?

  3. [The one point jump then turn to cap][1] situation, when will the double peep at A work and what to do with it.

  4. Or in the 2nd variation of that demo board, why shouldn’t black atari at A before connecting.

These are only the common positions that I already know, knowing them significantly boost playing strength immediately and have long lasting profit while learning boarder concepts. It’s like learning Pythagorean Theorem in grade school and you start to see right triangles every where :smile:

Of course I’d really really love to know more similar positions that I might have been handling poorly too.

I chose what I wanna do for learn go week :D! I am going to do a endgame lecture :)! and the LeandroSilva brought up a really great topic as well, a “timing lecture” would be cool sometime in the future too