The US declaration of peace with North Korea

I am relaxed.
I am just pointing out, that negotiating without beeing honest to one self, will come to a diffrent outcome, then one will asume.

And when someone says:
“You aren’t allowed to have nukes, only we do"
"If you invade someone, that is bad stuff, only our invasions are good invasions"
or even
"Oops. The reasons for our last invasion, never existed, but anyway your country is a mess now”

I am just trying to allude, that “good guys” isn’t a suitable claim in this matter anymore, and demanding that the other side should get more reasonable (in negotiations) is a bit of the track, don’t you think? :wink:

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Yes, I agree with you. That is why I agree that we should be honest with ourselves, and not demonize our enemy. If you demonize, you lose the negotiations immediately due to your weakness. If a negotiator cannot negotiate well, either they are not good at negotiating (perhaps they were not trained well) or their own psychological demons are getting in the way. Please reread what I’ve already said to understand my point of view.

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I played a game a few days ago against an OGS user named polemosangst who claims to be from North Korea. Could be a defector who still identifies as North Korean. A friend of mine claims that NK lets some of its Go players train in China.

Interesting o.o