The website doesn't work well if login in

If I am not logged in, I can see the chat, who’s online, what games are being played. However, if I log in my account Icedrinker, all of this functionality stops working.
Since I tested this in Firefox and Brave(chromium fork), I believe this is not dependent on the browser. I vaguely remember that this used to happen before. Just had to wait till it’s back to normal.

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Here’s a video demonstration:
Enjoy ^^


I must say, now it works, but I wish I didn’t have to wait for an hour or two for it to fix.
The only noticeable change from my side is that I reconnected my Wi-Fi a few times. Next time it happens, I’ll try that out to see if the issue is on my side.


Complete novice here (tech-wise) but I’m thinking maybe a caching issue. For PC CTRL+f5 may do it. That said, I’m on PC and do occasionally log in and out without incident.

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That’s not the issue. Sigh. It does it all the time, and I can’t play at all. All other websites work fine. Sometimes even this forum doesn’t load.
I already wiped cache and cookies, no luck.

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