Think I found a bug

Hey, I think I found a bug in changing my username on ogs it happened before. My old nickname was called wolf guard :wolf: and i want to change it to Uconn Huskies and it keeps going back to wolf guard :wolf:. I changed my nickname last night and it kept doing since I changed it. The Uconn Huskies username shows in PM’s but not in the regular chat. If you need a screenshot of it I can do it if you need me too. It might be the emoji that I had for wolf guard

this is a screenshot shot of a PM today that on the top of the box’s says wolf guard :wolf: and in the PM chatting format it says Uconn Huskies. It’s been doing this all Friday night and all Saturday morning and on Saturday night too

Don’t know whether that’s really a bug …
(But I think it’s a bad idea anyway to include an Emoji in a user name … next, people will want to include sound files or video? :wink: If it were for me, dinosaur that I am, we’d only allow 7 bit ASCII :upside_down: )

But yes, IMO the system should prevent this from happening in the first place … summoning sorcerer @anoek.