Those high rank ei 10k's are registered this year 2017

Can new go players achieve such level in a few months? Or most likely they came from KGS? Im wondering b/c I joined few months this year and I am hardly 20k. Am I stupid or what?

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I started this year in May this is my first server and May was the first time I’d ever heard about Go.
My current OGS rank is 13k but I can more or less play at the 10k level.

Everyone learns differently but I put a lot of hours into study (mostly YouTube through the likes of Nick Sibicky) but ultimately you should be playing for fun :slight_smile: if you enjoy playing then don’t worry about your rank, if you want to improve then I’ve heard the best balance is 50/50 play and study (where study includes reviewing all of your games, doing tsumego puzzles and watching lectures such as YouTube)

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I was wondering a similar thing: OGS ratings were thought to be less deflated after the switch to Glicko-2, being a couple stones behind normal… But now I’m a 9k here while the style analysis webapp seems to think I’m ~2k KGS, which would be an extreme difference…

From personal experience and observation, if you put in enough thought and time, 2-3 month is enough for reaching 10k (especially under the new glicko system). But you will reach a point where you get stuck. People get stuck at different rank.

Children might improve faster than adult, I’ve heard story of extremely talented child (under 13) turning pro in 2-3 years.

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I found it head work to get to 20k. When I broke through to 19k it was a big deal for me: I had thought I’d never beat those scary 19ks !

So 20k is a real achievement… And you have already out-survived many many who dropped out without getting that far.

My experience was that there are a set of clear things that get you to about 19/20k. I wrote these here:. Your beginnings with Go?

You might like to make sure you have that covered.

After that, I had to take a new track in learning to make a fresh burst of progress. I did two things. First I soaked up dwyrin’s “back to basics” series on YouTube. Then I played in a fast correspondence tournament trying to apply that stuff. Playing lots of games in a burst, knowing you can’t really expect to win since you are the lowest rank and therefore aren’t worried whether every move is going to lose the game… Powerful learning environment.

Now I plateaued at 14k looking for the next key to a burst…


@RubenScholz I looked up your account, you played 150 games but only did one review. Are you doing any kind of studying, like others suggested?

Becoming a SDK in a few months is definitely within reach for a kid attending a go school in Europe or in the US.

That said, you’re right, some players come from other servers, or, like me last year, are back to the game after a long absence.


It is possible. I did that myself.

I reached 10k pretty quickly after i started playing go, maybe in just 5-6 months… But i used to do a lot of studying back then, i watched a lot of nick sibickys videos, read a lot of articles from senseis and reviewed all my games. All that because i was determinated on getting better
Then i stopped studying and my rank stagnated, in past 2 years i’ve gotten my rank maybe 4-5 stones higher :confused:

So i don’t think gaining higher ranks have nothing to do with how long have someone played.
It’s all about putting effort on purposefully gaining a higher rank.