Those losers who run away from the scoring stage

There are some players who run away from the scoring stage of game. These players impolitely make the opponent wait a few minutes, instead of pressing a button and simply completing what is already completed.
I want to ask these people: guys, what makes you do this? Is it an innate ability to spit on others or mere ignorance? :sunglasses:

(Take into account that I do not mean those cases when a person has a breakdown or urgent matters in real life arise. I mean only those cases when the loser runs away and immediately starts a new game).

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only a few minutes? lucky you. yesterday i played anewish player (3 games i think) who stopped playing around move 16, still appeared connected and ran through 15 or so minutes of remaining time and the multiple sudden death periods before he lost through timeout.

i shrunk the game window and started watching go casts. had a great game after that though :slight_smile:

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I think this people don’t use the forum, so they cannot answer your question.

In most cases it’s ignorance and a pep talk by a moderator solves the problem.


IMHO, in most of these cases, the waiting time is not worth calling the moderator.

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Then the risk is that they will do the same in their next games, so you would do a favour to your fellow players to report it.


Yes - please report escapers.

It actually often surprises me when I respond to a report like that to find people who have been escaping continually, unreported. Some of these are new people who did not know better.

It’s definitely worth reporting it, so we can ensure that escaping is not seen as “the norm”.


I truly cannot overstate the fact that “I couldn’t be bothered reporting it” is the number one barrier to intercepting and correcting behaviour such as this. We can’t watch every game played here, but overwhelmingly reported users have had previous games of the same behaviour that wasn’t reported. As flovo said, many of these players change their ways after a brief chat.


I do tend to report escapers (and have in the past). In the game listed above he/she had not ‘escaped’ and still appeared online. Perhaps they were deep in thought about the permutations.

The player did not seem to start any other games though perhaps he just left the tab open and went to do something else so maybe that would have required a report once the standard time run out.

I will retrospectively report so it can at least be looked at at some point…

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As you know, but I mention it for the benefit of others, even score cheats are reported far less frequently than I would expect, and we learn about those cases only when backtracking a score cheat’s history. In those cases, I suppose new players don’t realize they can report.


I thought it may be of interest to see this sort of exchange. This is one from this morning:

[17:07] Eugene: Hi - OGS Moderator here. Sorry for interrupting

[17:07] Eugene: Could you please take more care to end games properly

[17:07] Eugene: It’s not OK to leave them to time out

[17:07] Eugene:

[17:08] Eugene: Thanks for your help with that

[12:51] [deleted]: Oh I did not know that

[12:51] [deleted]: So sorry about that

[13:04] Eugene: Sure no problem! Thanks for your understanding!