Thr way to sit half cut stones on the goban

The usual shape of stones helps to remove them from the goban, without disturbing other stones. Therefore, if the stone have a flat face, this face should not repose on the table.

I thought the flat side is meant to give more stability to the stones?

Rui Naiwei, 9p, asking her opponent “Why on earth all our stones are wrong side up?!”:

Well, I don’t know how those yunzi stones should be placed… I use my set mostly for reviewing games and I place mainline stones flat side down, while variations go flat side up, so they are easily removed.


This is why I use convex stones, their 2 faces are miai :smile:


Obviously, you place your yunzi stones flat side down, so as to make it harder for your opponent to capture them. :slight_smile:


Every move is precious. Once played it cannot be taken back. :slight_smile: