Threshold handicaps?

I’d like to play people 11-8k without handicap, but start using it for people above or under that amount.
Does that sound reasonable? Idk if the devs get paid for their work, or if this site is open to edit like wikipedia. It seems like that from github, but then again idk how that works either.


You can make multiple and different custom games offers.

Yeah, but then the wait time will be longer since it’s restricted to 1 opponent rank.

I don’t understand you can open as many as you want with range to get right handicap, and range on even. Just open as necessary. Usually custom get quicker as Automatch.
I do understand still you’d like to regroup in one offer only?

step 1: 8k-11k without handicap. wait 1 minute. If not accepted, 20k-12k with handicap, wait 1 minute, …

Oh. That’s interesting. I was thinking I can only look for one match at a time.

you risk starting 2 games at the same time

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I dunno between correspondance or live exactly ?

In any case you can cancel some if you get too many

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My advice would be to just go with auto-handicap. The rank difference gets rounded down, therefore if you are 9.8k and play anybody between 7.9k and 11.7k, then the automatic handicap will only affect komi.

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What has that got to do with it? Is this a better idea if the devs get paid? Or, if the devs are being paid, then we shouldn’t do it 'cause actually it’s a waste of that money, but if someone has free time and inclination then they might do it?

If they don’t get paid maybe they’ll think it’s stupid and not be into it.