Through the Years: Long Correspondence

At the end of the day, it just comes down to what you want to do. Everyone’s different, and sometimes it is nice to just sit down and have a good time!

So I would say there is absolutely nothing wrong with finishing quickly.


How did you count 2234 players? Others have noted 2233

Proof that this will last forever. We have a time traveler, ladies and gents.


Some more question marks: how do starting points work?

Tournament settings are bars for 6 an 2k:

But in this group 3k players got -3 while 6 and 7k players were given -2.

Shouldn’t stronger players start with a higher score?


You can access the tournament without loading the tournament page at by selecting the tournament in the left navigation bar :wink:


Oh noes, I’ll have to eat my words and activate chat notifications now, won’t I?

(@Celebrir thanks for the tip :wink:)

Yes, it should. I’d guess we’re using the old ratings here.

Playing currently on a vintage machine, I can’t either load the tournament page, or open the alternative PDF file. Thanks to all the above messages, I got a global idea of the Big Picture. Locally in my group as I write, I have 8 ongoing games. The 9th opponent has not moved yet. My most advanced game has already 58 moves, which I find playing way too fast.
And : is there a way to see at a glance what happens in my group, without loading the whole tournament page?


A little tip: if you’re opponent is going to run out of time in the first three days, and you want to give them some extra time, simply pause and immediately unpause the game, and they will have the full 28 days. (at least it worked like that for me)


So clock seems to switch from “time for the first move” to “time for other moves”. This looks like a bug.

Also note that you have a limited amount of pauses in a single game


Yes, it might be a bug, but I don’t mind it as a feature. It seems to me that the main reason for having the shorter time for the first move of player 1 is as a convenience for player 2 (so that if player 1 doesn’t show up, player 2 doesn’t have to wait for the full clock to run out before getting the win). Note that player 2 always gets their full time even for their first move (this is different from how it works on for instance Lichess, not sure if intended). If player 2 prefers to give player 1 their full time I think they should be able to do so.

In some other tournament formats there might be a question of whether this unnecessarily prolongs the tournament for other participants, but I don’t think that will be an issue in this case :wink:

Edit: I guess it is a bit weird if black can do the same - gain extra time on their first move by pausing and unpausing. Still not entirely unreasonable since they have then demonstrated that they are present at the board and probably won’t just time out, but this definitely seems unintended.


Are you good at shell scripting? Since nobody else responded quickly, here’s a tip:

read (with curl or something): through and
filter/pickup the info you want, sort and assemble a page any way you want, name it
“My group, round 1” and enjoy


But they can also cheat in a short correspondence tournament when day see he slept then suddenly pause and unpause he won’t have the whole three days and lossed by timeout

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Oh, so sometimes the “initial” time is longer than the main time you get? That is quite problematic indeed.


@Tokumoto No I have no skills whatsoever in this kind of coding, sorry. Or in any kind of coding, in fact.

Oh well… You can read those pages with your browser, pick up win/loss/ongoing manually, and take a note yourself. Some effort would inevitably be needed :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it is only like that in a blitz game. In a short correspondence game I think it is more that their main time would go down instead of their other time.

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@Tokumoto I’m lazy, yes indeed. :slight_smile:

What happens when a player is kicked off by time-out of one of his games? Are his other games in the group taken into account? Not sure the question is clear, it’s unclear in my head also.

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Maybe this thread can be helpful