Through the Years: Long Correspondence

What are the chances that OGS doesn’t exist anymore before the 4th round starts? I think they’re pretty significant.

In general it’s interesting to think about what shape the internet (or its spiritual successors) will take in the next few decades.


I expect the remaining players to be by the end of this tournament

  • in bunkers
  • in space
  • cyborgs.

How about a through the seconds : short biltz
Also change it to three hundred byo yomi periods to make it even longer
Time control should look like:

It doesn’t have anything else because it isn’t really a tournament
Lastly this tournament:


Uhm: How does Simultaneous McMahon work?..
(please don’t send me to the usual links, I googled it, I’d like an explanation for stupids, thank you)


Short version: players get sorted into equal sized groups, based on the points they had before a round starts. Within each group a round robin is played.

Before the first round weaker players (as per their rank) get negative start points. The effect is that you can expect to only have to play opponents roughly in you rank vicinity. (A 4d will basically never play a 22k, except of course when in a later round there aren’t enough players left to put them into multiple groups.)

There are more details one could talk about, but I think you sort of asked for not doing that. :smiley:


So, everyone plays in all rounds, and each round the groups are adjusted to ranks?
And in the end the remaining alive one with the most points wins?


Everyone plays in all rounds, yes. The groups are adjusted to points, not ranks, but usually that’s closely correlated. Theoretically as a 25k you could win all games in the first 3 rounds and find yourself in group 1 after that. But how likely is that? (Also you’d most likely not be a 25k any more after that!)


In every round you play against all members of your group. Usually you get 4 to 9 games simultaneously, according to the group size.

Once all your games are finished, you wait for next round, where group are adjusted using points (you get 1 point for each win).

On next round you’ll have a new bunch of games.

You’ll play along the whole tournament. The only ways to exit are drop out or being disqualified because of timeout.
If you timeout once you’re out of tournament. Ongoing games will continue but you won’t participate in next round.


Not necessarily. I have seen groups of 3 and groups of 8-9 in the same round in some tournaments.




Well I read part of it. Then I kinda ignored the rest.


Thanks, @S_Alexander :heart:

I‘ve already made friends here with a lot of nice folks … meanwhile I’ll be 63 in a few days, looking forward to participating in a tournament where the chance is high that I might not survive it :laughing:
OTOH it might even be that I’ll have to resign from it, as Real Life had become quite challenging, and I’m working towards early disability retirement, hopefully, and I also hope that things will get easier for me once that is achieved.

Anyway, I hope people will forgive me if either one of the aforementioned things (death, resignation) should happen :wink: However, I’ll begin it as if I could only be killed by asteroid impact, just the same way as I lived my whole life :grin:

Thanks again, and looking foward to playing you ALL!

p.s.: My longest game so far went on for two years and four months … during that game two close friends and my mother died … in that time I had to take long pauses (OGS “vacation”) … I’m sure everybody will understand how Real Life can come inbetween.


Indeed the goal shouldn’t be set in stone. At first I meant this tournament to be just a long tournament with some long-playing members. But now it morphed into this monstrosity. And if it’s wanting to go this way, why not.


I’m excited for just being in a tournament of some kind! I haven’t been part of one yet and my interest in the game has been growing over the past 2 years. I’ve played some here and there. But the past month or so has been the most I’ve played and learned. Looking forward to continue learning and befriending some people!


I’ve never participated in any tournament, no idea of how they work, only participating in the 19x19 ladder, which is also a kind of neverending story. I was invited to that one, first I declined because I found it crazy. But now I’ve changed my mine and just registered, because it’s become more than crazy. :laughing:
Like @trohde and maybe others (not read the whole thread, sorry) I’ve fair chances to die before it’s over, but that’s OK.


I think probably everybody has a fair chance:


Well, those estimates may be a bit extreme. (I wanted to say pessimistic, but I am not so sure everyone wants this crazy tournament to be quicker, so ‘extreme’ seemed to be a more neutral term. :grinning: )

There is this tournament with identical time settings:
First round took slightly less than a year if I’m not mistaken. More players and much more games per player (sim. McMahon) will most likely lead to an additional slow-down (the more pairings, the more likely two very slow players are paired), but my bet would be on 1 1/2 years for the first round, unless two players in some group decide to both use the maximum time allowed on purpose.


Everyone, how to tell it’s me trying to communicate my next move from the afterlife:

  • Food goes missing (no peppers).
  • Your dog is unusually happy, like it’s petted on a regular base.
  • Your laptop crashes whenever you google “should I stop playing Go now that AI is better than humans?”

It’s interesting to see comments like these. I imagine that these are not the only players for which this may be their first tournament.

It’s quite possible that this tournament may both the first and last, out of many, tournaments that some players would play in over a long, happy life of Go.


Now we need to determine what age everyone will live until, and create a survey to see how many people will survive this tournament.