Through the Years: Long Correspondence

This gives a new meaning to the questions of the type “I am x years old, am I too old to start playing go”?


Dying is the ultimate timeout! Sounds like this is really a last-player-standing tournament, in which youth is even more of an advantage than usual.


In case a game is on pause and it doesn’t time out, I think it’s a good time for @moderators to decide on an upper limit to pausing. 50 years sounds good (for this tournament, don’t quote me elsewhere!).

Or: can descendants inherit games? :thinking: A game started in 2020 might be a valuable commodity in the future.

(EDIT: Some part of me wants all of us to coordinate and troll @S_Alexander and play as fast as possible, end the tournament within the year)


If you can arrange all that, you truly are a master opinion shaper! :laughing:


S_Alexander mentioned that chat is erased after some time, let’s copy what has been written there:

June 9, 2020

[ 2:57]S_Alexander: It’s not 4 weeks per move. Each move adds only one week to the clock.

[ 6:37]mananita: Hi! I love the idea! One week per move about 150 moves each means about 6 years a game. You will be there for my grandchildrens’ delivery! Keep in touch !

[ 9:00]enthusi: Hi everyone! Stay safe and greetings

[ 9:08]StonedStoner: Hello everyone. Let’s hope we don’t rush too much with the moves.

[10:36]chartreuse: I’m wondering that when you look at a game over say a year, right? it’s not just “when the maid came by with tea, when he fell into despair” etc. it’s where is this person in their Go, their style, etc

[10:37]chartreuse: it’s interesting

[12:37]李建澔2: 213 online in chat!gotta send it to Guinness world records lmao two records for this already I think maybe even more

[13:51]McMarkuSan: Hi, this will be very interesting :+1:, happy to be part of it.

[16:23]forestshrine: hello I am excited to be a part of this

[23:16]Auzei: This is interesting.

[23:17]Auzei: How did I get invited to this?

[23:17]S_Alexander: I invited you <3

[23:21]Auzei: So you just like found me randomly?

[23:24]S_Alexander: I have some lists of correspondence players.

[23:25]Auzei: Ah, sweet! I haven’t been invited to a tournament or participated in one so I was curious.

[23:25]Auzei: I’m going to hop into this one and see how it goes!

[23:26]Auzei: I want to play more live games honestly but it’s just more convenient to play correspondence usually.

[23:37]S_Alexander: Great!

June 10, 2020

[ 1:02]william.morisseau: thanks for the invite. let’s all be dans by the end of the tournament

[ 4:56]chartreuse: that’s a good goal, william. I’d like to crack dan on OGS one day, perhaps this tournament will show our growth through the games themselves

[ 5:40]cmhobbs: hello, all. thanks for the invite

[ 6:46]ginger2008: Cool tournament!

[ 8:15]MayuPandoraNoda: Thank you for inviting me!

[ 8:39]Kotrap: Omg

[ 8:39]Kotrap: 1000+ people

[ 8:43]Kotrap: tournament 61736

[ 8:43]Kotrap: Join my tournament pls

[ 9:31]ginger2008: Sorry. Gotta quit.

[12:01]chartreuse: 10 days for 1000 folks?

[12:01]chartreuse: start recruitin

[12:02]chartreuse: are you in the other one Kotrap?

June 11, 2020

[ 3:23]amtqaps: Thank you for the invite, S_Alexander.

[ 9:53]TomaLexi: 1404, steadily climbing up.

[10:44]Nifrus: Yea! Why not! :sweat_smile:

[18:17]eehoyminoy: this is such a cool concept!!

[18:17]eehoyminoy: thanks for putting this together @S_Alexander !

[20:26]bakogo: why am i so bad

[20:26]S_Alexander: don’t worry about it and have fun

[20:27]bakogo: the worse the mistake the less fun

[23:06]DocGiovanni: Hi

June 12, 2020

[ 7:37]blackblackberry: hey, I’m really exited for this tournaments

[ 8:17]nickmanbear: My first tournament. And it’s going to be a weirdo tournament like this. I love it.

[11:36]quospades: Hey ! great idea :slight_smile: I never socialize with players, its a shame. Can’t wait to know other Go players :slight_smile:

[14:01]AntoineAchach: hello :slight_smile:

[15:09]Rbpompeu: Ok, I’m in!

[16:49]calculus: Cool concept! Thanks for invite! Looking forward to playing you guys! :smiley:

June 13, 2020

[ 7:47]dol: this tournament will take forever and a year. i’m in

[10:36]Владимир ПВ: Из России сколько уже участников?

[10:37]Владимир ПВ: Новички есть?.. или одни мастера?..

[10:38]Владимир ПВ: Сколько уже человек зарегистрировалось?..

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Wow typed the chat out

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Or copy and pasted


Best post ever give five thousand likes to these post

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Originally when I created the tournament I put in 1500 max players as a stand in for infinity, a number that can’t be reached. And now we’ve surpassed it.

What surprised me is that no one has made a big tournament like this one before.


Dumb question, but does it say somewhere on the page how many players have joined? I must be overlooking it?


I don’t think so, but you can find it in the tournament list (currently second page):


Easier to go to the group page, it’s there too.


Given that 1600 players have joined… how many players will be in a group? Given 25kyu thru 5d (approx rank span) does that imply 30 groups? 1600 people divided into 30 groups gives 53 or so players per group.

I like the intent, not certain I want to start 50+ super slow games…


If we understand life correctly, no matter how many players are there in a group there should be no more than 10 players in a group. So 9 games or less per round.


300 people in chat


A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.
anonymous, attributed as a Greek proverb

We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.
adapted from the words of Wendell Berry


I am honestly really looking forward to this tournament! It will be interesting to see how long it will take but this is a great effort to bring the community together more.


In March I played a game The Longing:

The idea of the game is to wait for the awakening of the king for 400 days. Of course, that’s just a game you don’t literally have to wait 400 days. But the atmosphere of sitting and waiting is really nicely done.

Perhaps that’s one of the things that inspired me.


June 19, 2020
[17:46]anoek: y’all are making me update the tournament code so this doesn’t melt the servers when it starts :slight_smile: