Thrusting from the 4-4

I thought about this move the other day.

eg. if the opponent approaches high in a nirensei, like this, there seems to be the idea of bumping.

– and playing as so:

– or like this:

I think the issue is in the second variation. In comparison to this line, it’s as though White continued by exchanging an endgame move around A for this nice point at B, making the result a bit unbalanced.



I think that if we were to see any of those results visually without any numbers and without knowing who has sente, White would have had a good result. But with sente always landing on Black, I’d be happy with any of thouse results as Black.


This is too deep to me, but i will try.

My fear is bump typically is considered a bad move. What if black tenuki or do a lower knight approach from other side?

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To me the 2-3 exchange in both diagrams looks like a clear loss for white in the end results and I don’t really see how white has recovered that loss.

So from the 1-2-3 principle I would guess that (in both diagrams) playing 4 without exchanging 2-3 is already an improvement.


If Black plays another approach then I think this is fine for White:


Josekipedia actually has this move as a situation move.

Josekipedia has everything.