Thumbnail list threshold setting has no way of saving

The settings for Game Thumbnail list setting has now ay of saving a value and will not save a setting of 0.
If this is a new change - reverse it.

  1. reverting would only reduce your options, it’s still saved the same way as before.
  2. changes are saved automatically, as it was before
  3. on my phone it’s set to 0.

Edit: after logging out, it’s set to 1. I’ll take a look why.

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Fix is on the way to get merged. As workaround, you can use a negative value.

Thank you for the nice tip. Next time you can create a pull request yourself. To write a fix is faster in this case, but why not :man_shrugging:


I am not a computer geek and would not know how to create a pull request let allow code a fix.I just like playing Go.

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