Time cheaters

Apparently if you time your moves exactly right you get another 30 second time period, and therefore you can never lose on time. Only the mentally ill would use this tactic to “win”, but sadly there are some on this website who one beer short of a six-pack. I wish this bug were fixed.

That’s just how byo yomi works. Unless you use more than 30 seconds and therefore a full period, it replenishes next turn.


Yeah… that’s how byo-yomi works, like Raven said. If you don’t use the full 30 seconds it resets.


Thanks to everyone who told me how byo-yomi works. I was really unaware of how it worked. Feel silly now.


Yay that you got it sorted. I’m not sure if it is well described anywhere. There is a ton of information about timing systems at Sensei’s but quite frankly not much of it is very clear at all. Especially the page about “byo yomi”, unfortunately. Unbelievably contorted explanation.

But if you are interested, you could take a look, and some of the links might have better stuff.

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Ah, don’t—asking questions (or even admitting one’s confusion) is a Good Thing™ :slight_smile:

Anyone who isn’t confused doesn’t really understand the situation.
— Edward R. Murrow