Time for correspondence games

Hi all. I’m playing a correspondence game with a friend. We now live in very different time zones and are never online at the same time. I have a very poor connection, so I can’t come on often. The result is that each of makes only one or two moves a day and time is running out. I’m used to playing on DGS with Fischer time where one move a day is not a problem. On KGS there is a button for adding extra time to your opponent, but I don’t see such an option here. I have only 6 days left on my time, but we’re only on Move 19. We really enjoy playing each other and want to finish our game, but how?

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Could you use the “fork game” option whenever one of you runs out of time? It’s not a perfect solution, but it will keep the game going without too much hassle. I think. I have not actually tested that feature myself.


Why not just pause the game? You still can make moves while it’s paused.

But next time you can create a correspondence game without any time limit or, say, +28 days for each byo-yomi period (basically, 1 move per month). Such game may last many years :grinning:


OGS has Fischer time. Did you pick a different standard when you created the came? Most allow a move a day.


I didn’t create the game, but I also didn’t know OGS has Fischer time. I’ll make sure we use that next time, thanks!

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Pausing worked! I had assumed that pausing the game would not allow me to play. Thanks.

Traveller pointed out that OGS has Fischer time, so we can use that next time.