Time given to confirm score

Frequently, I find opponents who lose games and aren’t confirming the scores. As a result, I need to wait 5 minutes for their time to expire before my win is logged and I can go to another game.

It seems to me that 5 minutes is way too long to confirm score. I would suggest it’s brought down (I’d go to 1 minute, but to be on the safe side, maybe 2?).



5 minutes is allotted in case there are any scoring disputes that need to be discussed.

Abandoning games at any point, including the scoring stage, is against our ToS. Please report such people by either using the call a moderator button in the right hand side game menu, or by clicking on their name and selecting report user.

The ideal report will include the link to the game in question and a brief description such as “user left without accepting score”

Players not reporting this behaviour is easily our biggest barrier to tracking down repeat offenders.


This seems to add weight to the suggestion that a game be paused if it is reported.

A 1 minute scoring phase would be plenty in normal conditions.

If there’s a score dispute, adding more minutes possibly doesn’t generally help: these result in a moderator report, and it’s actually a long shot to get a moderator within 5 minutes. I think that reports are usually almost that old before I get to them, even when I’m focussed on moderating.


I have had this happen to me, and I really don’t think that the five min waiting time should be shortened.

The obvious solution would be to have more moderators, but therein lies the issue of over moderation? Is over moderation really a thing? I don’t know. But it seems to me that if it’s taking five mins or more to tackle these issues to then move on to the next and so on, then its a case for there being too much for the current Mod team to manage.

I would like to add that the moderation team that we have is fantastic, and what I said isn’t a mark against them at all. It’s more a matter that there simply may not be enough. But I certainly don’t think the time should be lowered from five mins, that is the most important point I would like to add.

If anything the shortening of the five mins will add problems rather than remove them.

Is there any way to implement an autopause feature when a moderator is called to a game?

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That’s what I just suggested: put the game on pause when a report is raised (moderator is called).

If we did that, then we could shorten the normal score accept time.


Oh I see what you mean now. I agree.


I solved my score disputes usually without moderator help. But it takes 5 minutes to explain your opponent why you think the position is (not) Seki.


If it’s not seki, don’t explain, just kill :wink:

Edit: before anyone corrects me, yes I know this isn’t always possible :stuck_out_tongue:

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if only all of lifes problems were so easy to solve BHydden


NZ Rules: 1
Jp Rules: 0


the fact that NZ rules are supreme in every imaginable way (except suicide, seriously guys, WTH) is so obvious, it hardly even needs saying :wink:

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How common is the offense?

If it’s very common, might it be worth the time and effort to have the server detect it automatically and keep track of how often a given player seems to be doing it?

If the server could detect such cases even imperfectly, it could then send reminder messages to players that accumulate some threshold number of apparent violations. That alone might curb a lot of bad behavior: repeat violators would be reminded of the rule (and shown that their violations are being detected!), which might set them back on the straight and narrow all by itself. But if they kept breaking the rule after that, the server could then queue them up for appropriate action by a mod. (Or take that action itself, if we were comfortable with an algorithm doing so without any human eyes reviewing the case first.)

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Escaping in general is probably one of the most common reports we receive.

We are indeed investigating alternative methods of dealing with this.

Thanks for your suggestions.

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No strictly on topic, but I would still love that “feature”. If anyone from the devs tries to tackle it, I would suggest some well thought through limitations though. Like only the actual players can “pause” this way, probably only after X moves were played (since it is nonense to freeze games that would auto-annull or would not be scoreable anyway), perhaps limit to live only, something with tournaments?.. Just in case someone was really thinking about it :slight_smile:

That might change the end result though :japanese_ogre:

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Hehehehehe :innocent:

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Sigh… are you two (@BHydden, @AdamR) trying to trigger my rules pedantry??

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