Time limit for OGS correspondence tournaments

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I think this may have been covered before, but I was wondering about the pretty long time limits (7 days per move, with breaks during the weekends) for OGS correspondence tournaments.
I am currently playing in the Alan Turing Nines, which started ~3 weeks ago. I think there are multiple rounds, and we are still in round 1 with many games probably less than 50% finished.
It seems some people like the slow pace, I personally don’t. I couldn’t imagine playing in a 13x13 or 19x19 tournament at this pace (it seems there are tournaments from 2018 still going on).
So my question/suggestion is: would it make sense to keep 50% of the existing tournaments at this pace, but reduce the time limit for the other 50% to something like 2 days max per move? I think it’s worth at least a try to see how many people would sign up for a faster tournament and to get feedback if they like it.


You might like: https://online-go.com/group/508


Hi, thanks for the link.
Looks like the format I am looking for