Time limit for the first move of a game before annullement

I have come across a tiny tiny "bug"
While playing my correspondence games with no main time and 361x1 day japanese byo-yomi. I have noticed that the time limit for the first move of the game is not working “properly”. On many games If I am the first to move I have 3 days to make my first move before the game is automatically annulled. I have noticed that on many games my opponent is the first to move and they don’t have the same 3 day time limit. The clock just starts with 361x1 day byo-yomi.
I don’t know why this is. I have some examples here.
My opponent is white on game http://online-go.com/game/956981
I am white on game http://online-go.com/game/907854

Huh very interesting, thanks for the report!

My thoughts of why this is under my understanding of how stuff works here, am not saying i’m right.

isn’t this due to the “extra time before start”…
as you are the one putting up the challenges, and the other accept I guess in this case,
so, when they accept, it skips this extra time as they have already announced to start it…
while when you are first to play, you are considered “not around” and therefor get that extra time…

this can also be seen on the games with alko in this tournament http://online-go.com/tournament/3193 where all games he was supposed to play first in, all are still running…

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