Time out after a lose

I just finished this game and was very disappointed in the final behaviour of my opponent.

After we had both passed he at least once disputed the score. Apparently to see if I would leave and he could win with a time out. When that was not going to work for him he lost by Timeout!

WTF? Is that less of a hit to his ranking? I know how to simply block someone, but this guy has almost 5000 ranked games and is a site supporter.

I guess I should be thankful that I don’t have to deal with that kind of behavior too often on OGS. :grinning:

I would recommend contacting a Moderator. They can annul this game for you, so that it does not affect your loss. They will not be able to award a win to you though. Their power lies only in annulment. But it will make them aware of an issue and that is important.

I am sorry that this happened to you. I have encountered it before as well, though it is pretty rare, as you mentioned.

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I still won the game, but it was by timeout instead of 20 points.


Well that is great! I’m curious about your question too. I wonder if you gained fewer points for this victory too. Hopefully a mod will be able to tell us :smile:

A win is a win, a loss is a loss. The ranking system doesn’t care about anything else.



i encountered that once as well. he rolled itback to the game twice and i just passed again. his/her invading group was dead and he would only lose more points if they played. then a timeout. i also wondered if it was someone new but they had plenty of games under their belt. i understand getting upset at losing but in this game luck isnt involved and bar rare instances of gamesmanship (which would be more common ftf) any loss is just on you. seems a waste of energy trying to make it something its not.

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Even if ultimately the result is the same, it’s still worth reporting it, because “escapers” (people who time out games) are something that frustrates everyone, and we follow up these reports to “encourage” people not to do that.