Time zone settings?

I could not find a setting for my time zone in the profile or in the settings. How is OGS picking it up, and where is it indicated which time zone it thinks I am in?

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Are you on a computer or a smart phone, that may reveal a little. Otherwise I don’t see it either… there is a dropdown menu in you forums profile, though.

Ah, thanks, just found it. That;s good for the forums. Am I to assume the same time zone is in effect for the main site?

Here is why I’d like to know:

I am looking at the regularly scheduled tournaments and the page says the Live 9x9 starts Mon, Mar 23, 2020 5:30 PM, but there is not tz indication next to it. So I’m guessing it’s using my time zone, and I’d like to know what OGS thinks it is.

The one that is two hours from now? It’s displaying correct for me. Two hours from now, that is, would be the right time. I’m sure something is integrated to locate your time zone. I’m not enough of a website wiz to tell you the exact nomenclature though. I have location services off and it knows, gotta be something integrated with logging in, installing cookies. I feel like such a laymen right now.

All right, I believe you. Still would like to know the magic, especially when I’m on a laptop

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Yeah. I have no idea. I’m curious now, too.

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The game site uses your browser’s timezone, which should be the same as your system’s timezone.


Thanks flovo. so all I need to do when traveling is changing the system’s tz. Good to know!


If you’re a correspondence player and wondering precisely when weekend pause starts, it starts at midnight UTC time, and there is a countdown for it on the site’s about page

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“Weekend starts in 3 days”

Why does it hurt the same even though I’m working from home? :cry:

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