Timed out game was not rated

Why then this game doesn’t seem to be recorded in my win/lose or rating graphs?


@anoek there does seem to be something odd here: there is no other game on that day: just one, and yet no datapoint for that day.

Not a bug it is currently a feature. The first timeout loss counts, all following are annulled.

Well, if this isn’t proof that this system is broken, I don’t know what more proof we need: in this instance, the lower ranked OP was out playing the timer-outer.

The timerouter also has an absolutely ridiculous number of games under way. I lost count of how many timed out in this episode - they span two pages of results.

Totally abusing all the other players… should be punished by ranking hit.

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I don’t disagree :slight_smile: just wanted to point out that it’s an intentional feature we’re looking to change not a bug that needs fixing.

Well - there’s a fine line between a bug and a misfeature.

In either case, it really surprises me how little folk at OGS seem to care about this!

Upon reflection, maybe it’s because serious games are rarely played at more that 2 ranks apart.

I’d be more comfortable if the number were even just slightly larger.

So, if I understand correctly, my opponent in this game (https://online-go.com/game/10140594) can just let the time roll out instead of properly ending the game, so that its rank isn’t affected? I win the tournament but my rank is also not affected? That is not very honourful!

I guess it depends what you want to use the ranking system for. If one sees it as a reward system, giving people the chance to avoid being penalized by letting time out is very bad indeed.

If you see it as a method for roughly measuring relative player strength (and that would be my perspective) this feature probably has more disadvantages than advantages. Without it people leaving the site and timing out on many games can greatly impact the ratings. Restricting that to one helps.

In a perfect world where nobody times out (for whatever reason) and everyone behaves honourable, there would be no problem. In the real world there is probably no perfect solution to this problem.

At this point in time, that is incorrect.
Your opponent has not recently timed out of a correspondence game, so if he times out against you, both of your ranks will be adjusted accordingly.
Currently, the server is set up to prevent consecutive timeouts from affecting rank changes so that if someone is unexpectedly away from OGS for a long time and times out of many games, said person only suffers one rating drop.

It is true that if you are in a tournament, paired up vs a bunch of people who are more than 2 rank above or below you, you can theoretically save your rating from losing to all of them.

All you have to do is make a challenge to someone else way much higher than you in rank (say, a dan on a ladder) then let that one time out first. This will cause you effectively no ranking loss (since they are so far above you) then you let all the others time out and suffer no loss from them. You can’t play any moves while this happens, so you have to line it up right, but this is what the rules as they stand allow you to do.

If you were trying to save your ranking vs a player more than two below you who is beating you, this could be very worthwhile, because that’s going to be a big hit.