Timed out Rengo game not showing up in history

Hi there,

I just timed out from this game during the night: magoGO vs. calpoop
Usually I was able to still follow the game with the option to abandon it via my profile page where there is my game history and a Dropped Games section.
I don’t know why, but this game is not showing in my history nor it seems to be showing up in the history of other timed out people. I had to remember the name of one player still active to find it again (duchy).

Hope that helps.
Thanks for everything you do for us :heart:

Issue reported as well in GitHub: Timed out Rengo game not showing up in history nor dropped games section · Issue #2247 · online-go/online-go.com · GitHub


Indeed its not listed on your ‘dropped games’ but since the game isnt yet finished (currently in scoring phase) its not listed on your game history either.

Seems like a bug @GreenAsJade ?

Yeah, it’s been reported before.

It doesn’t sound right, but I’m not 100% sure since I didn’t implement that piece of things … was it @benjito or someone else?

Dropped Games was someone else. That feature was added in Oct '22 if it helps sift thru PRs :smile:.

Also it’s possibile the api response was missing the game, though no way to verify now that the game is over.

@Thargos it would be very helpful if you can figure out steps to reproduce (without that already-finished game).

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That one was me, though I unfortunately don’t have time to look into it now. Happy to answer questions that may arise however.

As far as I remember the frontend change just partitions the games into two categories, so a missing game is likely an API issue, but I could be wrong.

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