Timeout during vacation bug

This game https://online-go.com/game/1274337 timed out while I was set on vacation.

Admittedly the time settings are bad for a correspondence tournament - +2h per move!!?? but it seems to be a bug?

Vacation time does not work in Tournaments. The tournaments would never end if it would stop each time when one participant goes to vacation.

It appears that vacation time does work in tournaments. I have a tournament game that is currently paused due to vacation.

Maybe that tournament game wasn’t paused because the system recognized it as a live game instead (due to the very short time settings)

Hmm maybe it only applies to sitewide tournaments.

I have a game in a Correspondence Tournament that is paused because my opponent put it in vacation mode but we still seem to be playing moves. The consequence of this is that the timers are not working.

The Paused game

The game you linked is a ladder game and not a tournament game.

Yes, your right, the one linked is a ladder game. But I still don’t understand why its paused and can still play moves.

Yeah, at first I also didn’t understand, but it’s as simple as this: Pause means you may play, but you don’t need to play. Any of the players can resume if it’s “simply” paused, but if one player is on vacation, of course only they can end their vacation.

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Thanks, for clarifying that.

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