Timeouts in a single elimination

What’s the difference between this category and the OGS development category?

If a player times out in a single elimination tournament, their opponent for that round should be repaired with any other opponent that either also had an opponent time out or has a bye!

edit:_KoBa reminded me to clarify it’s only for timeouts were no move is made and the game is annulled!


In a way this would make sense and would lessen the time players need to just sit and wait for their next game, but it could potentially have great outcome to the tournament format and outcome.

Like what if someone is winning, their opponent loses on time, they get repaired with someone and then lose. Should they drop out then? In that case it would make sense to drag out your games as long as possible and hope that others are playing (and losing) their games faster than you.

I’ve been wishing for some ‘arena’ type of tournament, where the idea is to win as many games as possible within some timeframe. So instead being dropped out after a loss, the player who loses also gets another chance to win a game. This would incentivise players to play more games, and to resign when situation becomes hopeless instead stalling.


Oh yes, I should clarify I meant if they time out without making a move! (In other words the game was annulled)

The Arena idea sounds epic