Timeouts on Ladders Again

I think it is incorrect that one is resigned from all their games on a ladder should they withdraw from the ladder, and one is removed from the ladder should they time out in one game but, in this second scenario, only the timed-out game ends, their OTHER ladder games continue.

I have just had an opponent timeout in a 13x13 ladder game only to discover that they had timed-out on the 13x13 ladder days ago. If I had known, when that happened, I would have started another game on the ladder instead of waiting for this one to end.

Ladder max time could continuously increase, up to a point where a time out is counted as lost game instead of cancel?
People might be more inclined to go on vacation if they re not around, they would sooner be kicked out if they re not around (maybe initial time 1 day) and if they played the opponent would at least get the win?

That’s not how it works… your existing games keep going.

O’rly? Has that changed, recently?

I remember having all my ladder games end when I withdrew from the 19x19 ladder a while ago and I am sure I saw a thread bemoaning that behaviour just a few days ago, to which the response was something along the lines of: “sorry - the warning message was wrong”

I think I misunderstood what you were saying… a withdraw from the ladder does resign existing games. A timeout on a game does imply a soft withdraw but does not end all of your games.

I had an earlier suggestion for handling ladder exits that I think would help address the issues that @StephenM brought up:

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At the very least, there should be some notification that the game has become meaningless. My game did not even have one move played and I waited for days for it to time-out. If I had known that it was meaningless (and highly likely to timeout, too) I would have resigned it immediately and gone to find another, real one on the ladder.