Timing and color

For a beginner who does not want to be rushed and use a reasonable time to move between moves…May I have some suggestions on time?

Thank you

@relaxandplay I’m not sure what (for you) is considered to be not enough time, but the Fischer time control system might be what you are looking for. Perhaps start with an initial time period of 3 minutes, time increment of 30 or 45 seconds and maximum time of 5 minutes (just suggestions, of course – adjust as you see fit). Check out this link for probably better description.


– Musash1

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I think the first counter-question should be: “Are you asking about live or correspondence game?”

For live games I have found 45 minutes per player (on 19x19) to be comfortable enough for me, but I don’t remember the Byo-yomi* settings since it’s been a long time since I played live, only playing very slow correspondence games these days.

And what was it about color?

* Byo-Yomi: https://senseis.xmp.net/?ByoYomi

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If you want to play byo-yomi live… a rather comfortable time setting is 20 min + 6x 45second byo-yomi :slight_smile:

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thank you. I prefer how long each click. Is that possible?

If you use “simple” then the time that you specify is the time that each player has for each move.

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