Tiny cards deck with Go terms

Since tiny cards is now available as a Web app on all devices and since my baby girl has kept me awake, I created a deck of cards with common Go terms and their meaning.

If you’re interested you can find it here: tiny.cards/decks/534a92b9-5f1b-44a1-8232-1b53b84440c7


Oh hey, that’s cute and a good idea :slight_smile:

since I cannot sleep either and in case you were accepting suggestions:

  • atari really needs the added: “With a next move” or something similar
  • sente is rather the opposite when you do not have to answer your opponents move and can play “wherever you want”. We say to play a move in sente which means we reatain this privilage.
  • gote - (losing the initiative) on the other hand is move that your opponent does not need to answer. Gives him sente. The thing about pressure is kind of misleading imho.
  • joseki - is rather an agreed upon sequence with fair result for both players. Does not really have to be opening nor corner I think…
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Thanks for the feedback @Adam3141. I made a few changes to the cards as you suggested.

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i think joseki still refers to corners/opening in the very first meaning but some players use it in more situation as these.(by extension)

Well, I kind of agree, that they are usually in the corner and in the opening, but I do not think that is the point. The important thing (as I understand it) is that the sequences are regarded as good for both (the fact whether it is a corner or not is irrelevant). That’s how I see it anyway…


Nice idea. Haven’t yet had the time to look at all of them, but you may want to clarify “Ko” to state that Ko is about single stones only.

Interesting lot of cards, and helpful. thanks!
Have you thought of making another deck for the other named moves, beyond the knight’s move?

Nice. Great idea. Would add eye, false eye, nakade, and snapback next.