[TL] Looking for teaching game against 20 kyu (20k)

I just got into Go and just joined the Teaching League group. I want to play a teaching game against a 20kyu to 15kyu player. It is hard to find non-bot normal Go games (one time it took more than 1 minute) so I want to play a teaching game. My goal is to develop creation and recognition of true Go eyes. Live game, can be held from today until next Sunday.



I took a look at a couple of your games, and I think you would find it beneficial if you first review this tutorial: Play Go at online-go.com! | OGS. I think you would also find it helpful to watch some games between single-digit kyu players and stronger, in order to get some idea of what a normal go game looks like.


Perhaps it is easier to find opponents in groups than on the forum.

Here you can find the list of all groups: Play Go at online-go.com! | OGS

In particular, I suggest asking for opponents in Go Basics or Double Digit Kyu Room

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In my book something that is hard may take more than a decade! :rofl:


TBH. If on the neighbouring app I can get a game instantly I will go there not here.

@fmansa, sometimes it is almost instant, sometimes you have to wait 1 min or more

done with tutorial. Can you play a teaching game against me? Focus on my Go eyes. As usual, stronger player makes a review within 1 week. You should be the stronger player. If not, tell me so that I can find another player. Thanks.

My rank is 12-13 kuy, but I am a bit rusty, so my true rank is probably a bit lower. Still, I think I might be able to help a bit.
What timezone are you at? Iā€™m UTC+3, eastern europe.

I am UTC+8, Taiwan Standard Time. (Taipei)

I already sent you a direct message in OGS.